Placing a Column in a Doorway

Reference Number: KB-00188
Last Modified: July 21, 2021

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Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or HomeDesigner Suite


I would like to place a column in a doorway, but it wants to snap on either side of the wall. How can I place the columns in the doorway itself?


Placing a column in a doorway can be done by overriding the snapping behaviors temporarily using the Ctrl key on the keyboard.

To place a column in the doorway

There are primarily two methods for placing a doorway in your plan. You can either use the Doorway tool, or you can place a wrapped opening from the Library Browser. For the purposes of this example, we will place a wrapped opening for our doorway.

  1. From the menu, select View> Library Browser , then navigate to an appropriate wrapped opening. For the purposes of this example, browse to Architectural> Doors & Doorways> Wrapped Openings.

  2. Select an appropriate wrapped opening, then click to place it in a wall of your plan, and resize it as needed.

  3. With the Library Browser still open, navigate to a column to place in your plan. For the purposes of this example, browse to Architectural> Millwork> Columns.

  4. Once an appropriate column has been selected, click in your plan near the doorway to place it.

  5. Using the Select Objects tool, select the column you've just placed.

  6. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard to temporarily override the snap settings, and position the column in the doorway.

    If you are using a Mac use the Command key instead.