Troubleshooting Printing Issues

Reference Number: KB-00176
Last Modified: September 3, 2019

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Interiors or Home Designer Essentials


I am having trouble printing my plan. An error message displays, nothing happens, or only part of my design prints although the preview shows the entire page.

How can I resolve this problem?


If your computer meets your Home Designer version's System Requirements, then most print trouble can be resolved by installing updated printer drivers, choosing your default printer settings, or creating a PDF. 

To troubleshoot printing problems

  1. First, exit out of Home Designer completely.

  2. Second, download and install the most recent driver for your printer from its manufacturer's website.

    Some common printer/plotter manufacturer websites include:

    Only install drivers which state that they are compatible with your operating system.

  3. Once your updated printer driver is installed, launch your Home Designer software program, and Open your plan.

  4. Once your plan is displayed, select File> Print> Clear Printer Info.

  5. After clearing the printer information, attempt to Print your view again, making sure that the printer or plotter name you want to print to is the one which is displayed in the Print dialog.

To set the printer or plotter as your default

If you continue to experience trouble printing, you may need to set the printer as your default within your operating system or reset the printing system altogether.

For instructions, please see the appropriate link for your operating system below:

Finally, if you are still not able to print to your physical printer or plotter successfully, try printing to a PDF file.

To print to a PDF file

  1. Click File> Print> Print

  2. Under Destination change the Name of your printer to Chief Architect Save as PDF and click the Save as PDF button to create the PDF file.

  3. If you are able to print to PDF successfully, try printing the PDF file to your printer.

    If the PDF file also will not print to your printer, contact your printer manufacturer for continued troubleshooting instructions.


If none of these instructions resolve the printing issue, then please contact Technical Support directly while at the machine experiencing the error for continued troubleshooting.