Using the Zoom Tools

Reference Number: KB-00122
Last Modified: July 23, 2021

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Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or HomeDesigner Suite


I understand that Home Designer has different zoom functions. How do I use them?


Home Designer software includes a variety of zoom functions to adjust the area of a plan that is displayed. This article details the use of the different zoom functions within the program.

You can use any combination of the procedures below to adjust the visible area of a plan while using your Home Designer software.

To zoom in on a specific area

  1. Select Window> Zoom   from the menu. The cursor will display as a cross hair with a Zoom Window icon.

  2. Move the cursor to a corner of the area to be enlarged.

  3. Click and drag the cursor diagonally, creating a red marquee around the area to be enlarged.

  4. Release the mouse button to fill the window with the selected area.
    Note:   You can also press Shift then press the Z key on your keyboard or click the Zoom Window

To Zoom In

  1. Select Window> Zoom In  from the menu. This will enlarge the drawing.


Note: You can also click the Zoom In toolbar button.

To zoom out from the currently displayed area

  1. Select Window> Zoom Out  from the menu. The plan will display at approximately one-half the size of the current view.


Note: You can also click the Zoom Out toolbar button.

To undo the last zoom command

  1. Select Window> Undo Zoom  from the menu. The view will show as it was before the last zoom function was used.


Note: You can also click the Undo Zoom toolbar button.

To fit only the structure composed of walls in the visible area

  1. Select Window> Fill Window Building Only to zoom in, or out, so that all walls in the view fill the current window.

To fit the drawing in the visible area

  1. Select Window> Fill Window  from the menu. The entire plan will display and fill the current window.


Note: You can also press F6 on your keyboard or click the Fill Window toolbar button.