Using the Space Planning Assistant

Reference Number: KB-00121
Last Modified: June 23, 2017

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Interiors or Home Designer Essentials


How do I use the Space Planning Assistant to plan the layout of a new home?


The Space Planning Assistant, or House Wizard in earlier versions, is a feature that offers a convenient way to design a new floor plan by arranging room boxes rather than by drawing walls.

To use the Space Planning Assistant

  1. Start with a new plan and select Tools> Space Planning> Space Planning  from the menu to open the Space Planning Assistant.

  2. The Assistant will ask you a number of questions about the home you want to design. As prompted, answer all of the questions, and click Next to continue from window to window. 

  3. Click Next to select the Number of Floors that will be in your house, as well as the size of your garage.

  4. Click the Next button again to display the First Floor Main Rooms to set the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you want. Remove check marks from the type of rooms that you do not want in your design.

  5. Remove any check marks from the Misc Rooms that you do not want to display, and select the number of closets.

  6. Click Finish to close the Space Planning Assistant and room boxes will display on your screen.

  7. Arrange the room boxes as desired, and once all of the rooms you need for your home are on the plan, they can be moved and resized as needed.

To move a room

  1. Click on a room to select it.

  2. Place your pointer over the center, square Move edit handle. When correctly positioned, the mouse pointer will change to a four-headed arrow.

  3. Click and drag the room to the desired position and release the button

To resize a room

  1.  Click on a room to select it.

  2. Use the edit handles to resize the rooms as needed.

    You can also click on a room to select it and use the Open Object edit tool to open the Room Box Specification dialog. Here, you can set specific dimension values, as well as change the room name and several other properties.

Try and place the rooms so their sides just touch and keep in mind that small gaps or overlaps are OK. Placing a smaller room completely inside of a larger room is also acceptable. If two rooms overlap, the smaller will take its space from the larger.

To generate individual rooms

After using the wizard to create your initial structure, you can add individual room boxes. Select Tools> Space Planning from the menu and click on the type of room you want to add to the plan.

By clicking on the plan, you will be able to create additional rooms of your choice at that location, which can then be moved and resized like the ones created using the wizard.

To delete a room

  1. Click once on the room to select it.

  2. Press the Delete button on your keyboard.

To convert all of the room boxes into a working plan

  1. After you have finished arranging and resizing the rooms, select Tools> Space Planning> Build House  from the menu to convert the room boxes into fully editable walls and rooms. 

  2. Repeat this process for any other floors in the plan, as the room boxes on each floor must be converted separately.

  3. Finally, take a 3D Camera Dollhouse View to see the results by selecting 3D> Create Perspective View> Doll House View .

  4. You can now return to floor plan view and add or edit objects such as the walls, doors and windows, furniture and appliances, room materials and floor coverings, etc.