Creating a DXF File

Reference Number: KB-00111
Last Modified: September 28, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite


How do I convert my plan to a file format that an AutoCAD user can read?

Note: The professional version of the software, Chief Architect Premier, will export the native file format for AutoCAD, .dwg files.

For more information on Chief Architect, select the Professionals section of the Home Designer website to access Chief Architect's main web page.


Line-based 2D files can be exported from Home Designer Suite, Home Designer Architectural and Home Designer Pro in .dxf file format.

You can specify the version of AutoCAD to export to, however, compatibility with other software may vary.

To create a DXF File

  1. First, launch Home Designer an Open  the .plan file that you want to export to a .dxf. 

  2. Select File> Export> Current View (DXF)  from the menu to display the Export Drawing dialog.

    Note: Any line-based view such as floor plan view can be exported as a .dxf (Drawing Exchange Format) CAD data file.

    If you are using Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Architectural, you will see the Export Drawing dialog box, which will enable you to choose a File Format Option.

    Once you click the Export, button, the Save Drawing File dialog box will appear.

  3. In Home Designer Pro, this same dialog box will appear, with a few more choices. You can learn more about each of these options by clicking the Help button.


    Note:  In the File Format Options section, there is a drop down which allows you to specify to save the .dxf file so that it is compatible with older versions of AutoCAD.

    If you are going to be sending this .dxf file to someone using an older version of AutoCAD, find out which they have and select it from the drop-down menu here before saving so that they can open the file. 

  4. In the Save Drawing File dialog, navigate to the location on your computer where you would like to save your .dxf file. In the File Name field, or the Save As field if you are on a Mac, enter a name for the file.

    The program will automatically add the .dxf file extension.

  5. Click the Save button to close the Export Drawing File dialog and the file will be saved on your computer under the name and location that you have chosen.