"Perhaps the most useful feature of the program is that the design is visible in 3D. ...best seller in the category of gardening and landscape software at Amazon.com"
New York Times
The New York Times
"Whether you’re building a dream home or you just want to dream, this software puts the planning in your hands."
PC Magazine
"...Home Designer Suite...can help give you more creative input."
Time Magazine
Time Magazine
"...Home Designer has a great feature set and is easier to use than most home-design software."
Smart Computing
Smart Computing Magazine
"Home Designer is fun, easy to use, and perfect for visualizing your home improvement project or planning your landscaping"
PC Mag
PC Mag
"Offering a tutorial CD and 1,500 sample plans, even inexperienced computer users can quickly learn to design individual rooms, adding as much or as little detail as preferred. The software even has the capability to estimate the cost of the project, which is a definite plus for those with a budget in mind for their dream home."
South Bend Tribune
"...Home Designer includes almost everything the average person needs to draw an accurate picture of a home. There are more than 1,500 sample home plans and 4,300 individual items built into the program. Included are everything from cabinets to furniture to windows and doors. I especially liked the how-to training videos that came with the software; they were clear and made learning the program as painless as possible."
Detroit Free Press
"I love it! It blows away all the home user products... I’ve used a couple of the consumer products in the past; most notably, 3D Home Architect (v4 & prior) by Chief Architect and Architectural Series 18 by Punch Software. I went with Home Designer Pro and absolutely love it! It blows away all the home user products. It’s fast, stable, has a ton of features and is very configurable. Everything I wished I could do. I’ll just give one example to illustrate: Exterior walls can be configured to have up to 10 layers. Starting from the inside you can define sheetrock, studs, sheathing, Tyvek and then siding. That’s only 5 layers. Each layer can then be described more fully by width, material type, color, etc. This is typical of the rest of the program."
Gary Johnson
"...Home Designer Suite can do all you ask and much more indeed -- everything from 3D virtual walkthroughs to simulated sunlight from various directions to a feature to print out construction-industry-standard computer-aided-design drawings."
James Coates, Chicago Tribune
"I was surprised how quickly I felt comfortable with Home Designer then the fun started, exploring to see what else I could do. The ability to do the basic things with your software without having to read the manual was a great benefit to me. Dollar for dollar Home Designer offers much more for far less then other home design programs. Many say they have what I wanted but yours is the true software that meets all my needs. I have run across so few programs that do what they say it can do, I just had to write about it."
Mike Bell
"Despite my limitations, two hours after downloading Home Designer Architectural, I had a solid plan.With the Program's guidance, I felt confident I didn't forget anything important." The Oregonian