Assigning a Material to a Cathedral Ceiling

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I have created a cathedral ceiling in my drawing, but I cannot figure out how to assign a new or different material to the ceiling. How is this accomplished?


A cathedral ceiling can be created by removing the ceiling of a building, and then adding a roof so that when you create a 3D camera view of the interior of the structure you actually see the bottom of the roof planes.

Use the procedure below to change the ceiling material for a cathedral ceiling.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we will start the process of creating a structure with a cathedral ceiling, and then change the materials for the cathedral ceiling, from the very beginning.

To build a new structure

  1. Select Build> Wall> Exterior Wall and draw four connecting walls in a clockwise fashion to form a basic recangular structure.

  2. Now that you have created four walls, group select both the right and left walls, and mark them as Full Gable on the Roof tab of the Wall Specification dialog, and click OK.

  3. From the menu select Build> Roof> Build Roof  to display the Build Roof dialog.

  4. In this dialog, check the box beside Build Roof Planes and click the OK button.

To create a cathedral ceiling

  1. To create a cathedral ceiling, use the Select Objects  tool to select the room, then click on the Open Object  edit tool to display the Room Specification dialog.

  2. On the Structure tab, uncheck the check box beside Ceiling Over This Room.

  3. In Home Designer Pro 2012, you can also change the Ceiling Covering in this same dialog, by going to the Materials tab, then click the OK button.

    Scroll down for instructions on changing the ceiling material in Home Designer Pro 10 and earlier versions.

  4. After the OK button has been selected, the Room Specification dialog will close and a cathedral ceiling will now be present in the room.

In version 10 and earlier versions of Home Designer Pro, it was not possible to return to the Room Specification dialog and click the Materials tab to modify the ceiling materials.


To change the ceiling material in Pro v10 and earlier

  1. In Pro 10 and earlier, instead, click on the Select Objects  arrow tool and then double click on one of the roof planes on the structure to display the Roof Plane Specification dialog.

  2. In the Roof Plane Specification dialog, go to the Materials tab.

  3. Once the Materials tab is open, click the entry for Ceiling, and then click the Select Material button to present the Select Material dialog.

  4. In this dialog, you will be able to assign the material of your choice to the underside, or ceiling portion, of this roof plane.

    Note: You must repeat this same process for each roof plane in your drawing, as this procedure will only change one roof plane at a time.

  5. Once you are happy with the material you have assigned to the ceiling, close each of the dialog by clicking the OK button.

To create a 3D view

  1. From the menu select 3D> Create Perspective View> Full Camera . Once you select this, your mouse pointer will turn into a camera.

  2. Click the camera in one corner of the interior of your structure, and drag to the center of your structure and release the mouse.

  3. A camera view of the interior of your structure will generate and you will be able to note the changes made to the cathedral ceiling.