Learn the various ways to to customize and apply material colors and textures, and generate a list of materials for cost estimates.

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3:48 Wall Coverings

Wall Coverings

Wall coverings can be used in addition to a wall's surface material to create accents like wallpaper borders or wainscoting.

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8:49 Applying Materials in 3D

Applying Materials in 3D

Apply materials with the Material Painter, the Material tab of the specification dialogs, and learn how to paint individual walls.

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6:31 Color Chooser

Color Chooser

Use the Color Chooser to create custom materials using colors from your own photos, manufacturer websites, or any window that displays on your computer.

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7:40 Custom Textures

Custom Textures

Home Designer comes with over 1500 materials, but if you can't find what you need then you can use your digital photographs to make new texture materials.

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7:19 Materials Lists

Materials Lists

Estimate project costs by using the Materials List tools.

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