Architectural Objects

Place door and window openings, stairs, electrical objects, from the toolbar and learn how to place and edit objects from the content library.

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3:46 Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows

How to change a door or window's swing angle, hinge and type.

Video No. 2231


4:26 Creating Angled Windows

Creating Angled Windows

Generate windows that follow your roof slope.

Video No. 2300


3:48 Creating a Wall Niche

Creating a Wall Niche

Use the Wall Niche tool to create a recessed area within a wall.

Video No. 2504


4:18 Electrical Tools

Electrical Tools

Create electrical objects using the Electrical tools or place them from the Library. Specify light sources and connect lights to switches.

Video No. 2286


12:39 Stairs


Stairs are easy with our stair tools: straight and curved stairs, landings, flair and starter treads.

Video No. 2246


6:04 Ramp Tools

Ramp Tools

Straight or curved, following ADA standards or not, Ramps are easy with Home Designer.

Video No. 2247


5:13 Finding and Using Library Objects

Finding and Using Library Objects

How to find and place items from the Library Browser.

Video No. 2257


5:14 Deck Stairs

Deck Stairs

Use the Stair tools or shaped slabs to get the look you want on that deck.

Video No. 2276


1:19 Window Treatments

Window Treatments

Blinds, curtains and valances help to complete the look of your room.

Video No. 2259


3:04 Applying a Picture to a Frame

Applying a Picture to a Frame

Want to add a personal touch? Add pictures to frames to place in your plan.

Video No. 2260


5:54 Architectural Blocks

Architectural Blocks

Group objects together for easier placement and movement.

Video No. 2261


2:07 Using the Object Eyedropper

Using the Object Eyedropper

The Object Eyedropper can be used to take the properties of one object and apply them to another.

Video No. 2320