Getting Started Videos

This series contains several beginner-level tutorials to help you get started using the program right away.

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Home Designer Overview

This series offers a brief overview of key features of Home Designer software; learn how to place and dimension walls and openings, define and furnish interior room spaces, generate a foundation and framing, and build an exterior deck over terrain.

Video No. 176



Home Designer Boot Camp

If you are evaluating Home Designer or just getting started using it, our Boot Camp webinar is a great way to learn the basics, and best of all, it's free.

Video No. 10201



Home Designer - Kitchen Design

This Kitchen Design webinar will demonstrate how to create a kitchen layout with custom cabinets, appliances, an island, and lighting. We will also use tools to create a custom ceiling, apron sink and floating shelves to finalize the design.

Video No. 10139



Home Designer – Bathroom Webinar

This Bathroom Design webinar will focus on creating a bathroom including a custom double vanity and glass shower. We will also demonstrate how to customize lighting, materials, and molding using smart design tools to visualize our project.

Video No. 10143



Home Designer - Beginning Roof Design

This webinar will focus on Home Designer's automatic roof tools, and will go through the basic concepts behind designing a roof in Home Designer Software, and how to create simple roof styles, such as hip, gable, gambrel, and shed roofs.

Video No. 10141