Creating Glass Walls

Reference Number: KB-02263
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Interiors or Home Designer Essentials or Home Designer Landscape & Deck


I would like to create a structure with windowed and glass walls for a pool enclosure, sun room, or greenhouse.  How can I create this in Home Designer?



To create windows that extend up and across a wall

  1. In your plan, select Build> Window> Window , then click to place a window in one of the walls you want to use for your room.

  2. Once the window is placed, use the Select Objects  tool to select the Window, then click on the Open Object  edit button to display the Window Specification dialog.

  3. In the Window Specification dialog

    • On the General panel, set the Window Type to Fixed Glass.  Also specify the values you want for the Width, Height, and Floor to Top values.

    • On the Sill panel, remove the checkmark next to Use Interior Sill and Use Exterior Sill, if these options are checked.

    • If desired, specify the number of Lites for the window on the Lites panel.

  4. Once you have finished making any of the desired changes in this dialog, click OK to apply them, and close the dialog.

Now that you have one window created with the values you want, you can replicate this window across the wall.

To create copies of the modified window and precisely position them

  1. With the Window still selected, click on the Copy  edit button, then select the Sticky Mode  edit tool, and click to place several copies of the Window along this wall.

  2. Now that you have several windows placed, use the Select Objects  tool to select the one closest to a wall corner, and notice the temporary dimensions that display.

    In Home Designer Pro, if you do not see a temporary dimension displayed,  select CAD> Dimension> Display Temporary Dimensions  to toggle this feature back on.

    Move your mouse over the temporary dimension that displays between the window and the wall until you see it turn in to a hand, then click on the dimension. 

    If needed, Zoom In  on this area so you can easily see and select the temporary dimension, then input the exact value you want for the distance between the perpendicular wall and the window, and press the Enter key on your keyboard.

  3. Repeat this process for the distance between the original window, and each of the following windows, until you have precisely set the distance you want between them.

    Helpful Hint: If you want the windows to be very close to the perpendicular walls, you may  want to go in to your Plan Defaults and check Window/Door Casing Ignored  When Resizing.

  4. Repeat this process for any other walls in your plan that you want to have Windows all the way across.

If you want to actually change a solid wall in to a completely glass wall, this is also easy to accomplish in Home Designer.

To change a wall to a Glass wall type

  1. Using the Select Objects  tool, select the wall you want to change to glass, and click on the Open Object  edit button to display the Wall Specification dialog.

  2. On the General panel, select the Glass Shower wall type.

    In Home Designer Pro, this setting is located on the Wall Types panel.

  3. Increase or decrease the Thickness for the wall if needed on the General panel as well.

  4. If desired, go to the Materials panel to adjust the Interior Wall Surface and Exterior Wall Surface Materials.

    A selection of Textured Glass materials can be located in the Library Browser under Materials> Glass & Glazing> Textured Glass.

  5. Once you have completed making changes, click OK to apply them and close the Wall Specification dialog.

  6. Repeat this procedure for any other walls you want to change to glass in your plan.

    You can further customize your pool enclosure, sunroom, or greenhouse by navigating to Build> Roof> Skylight and adding one or more of these to your design.

Home Designer Pro can also modify roof planes to create a glass roof over just one structure in the plan.