Creating Different Roof Styles on Separate Structures

Reference Number: KB-00999
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

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I would like to create a plan with more than one building on it, such as a garage, or a barn, but the pitch and style of the roof is different from that on the main house. How can I accomplish this in Home Designer?


By default, the program will automatically generate a roof plane as specified in the Build Roof dialog over each exterior wall in the plan.

You can override this behavior on an exterior wall-by-wall basis to produce a wide variety of roof plans.

To adjust the settings in the Build Roof dialog

  1. Launch Home Designer and Open  the plan in which you want to adjust your roofs.

  2. Next, select Build> Roof> Build Roof .

    The options available in the Build Roof dialog may vary from the image above, depending on your version of the software. 

  3. Enter a value to describe the Pitch in a ratio over 12.

    • This affects all newly built roof planes that are set to use the Default value from the Build Roof dialog. Any automatically generated roof style other than a hip roof requires that the roof information to be defined in the exterior walls.

  4. You can set the materials for all of the roofs, gutters, etc in your plan on the Materials panel.

    Note: Home Designer Pro allows you to edit the material on each roof plane so that you do not need to use the same material for all roofs in your plan. 

  5. Select the Roof Styles panel and click on an image for instructions on how to set  the walls appropriately for that particular roof type.

  6. Click OK to apply your changes and exit the Build Roof dialog.

Once you have a  good understanding of  how the Build Roof dialog works,  you can create many types of complex roof  styles using the automatic  roof options.

Home Designer Pro also allows you to manually edit individual roof planes, if you find your current roof too complex to be able to be generated automatically. 

To access the Roof panel of the Wall Specification dialog

  1. Use the Select Objects tool to select the wall.

  2. Click on the Open Object edit tool to display the Wall Specification dialog

  3. Select the Roof panel to define the portion of the roof plan that rests on this particular wall.

    If you are ever in a dialog, and are uncertain as to what a particular item in it means, such as Knee Wall, click on the Help button in the bottom right corner to bring up the Help index. 

  4. Once you have completed making changes, click OK to apply them.