Troubleshooting why a Structure Appears Tiny in a Camera View

Reference Number: KB-00998
Last Modified: July 23, 2021

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When I create a Full Overview or Dollhouse camera view, the image that is generated is much smaller than it used to be. Why is that?


When generating a 3D Full Overview or Dollhouse camera view, the program will look at all of the objects that are set to display in that view. If you have an object in the distance relative to the structure in the plan, the program will generate the view to include that object, but it may be difficult to see.

If you delete the stray object and then recreate the camera view, it will display normally.

To help locate the stray object if you are not readily able to locate it

  1. Launch Home Designer and Open the plan in which the 3D Overview or Dollhouse View generates with the structure very small.

  2. On the floor you are taking a Dollhouse view of, select Window> Fill Window  or press the F6 key to view everything on screen that is visible.

    If you are zoomed in so close that only a portion of the view displays on screen, selecting Fill Window zooms out so that the entire view fits on the screen, which will include the stray object, allowing you to more easily locate it.

    • If you are taking an Overview, the stray object may not be located on the first floor of your structure, so if you do not initially find the object, follow the same procedure on the Foundation and any other floors of your plan until you locate it.

  3. After selecting Fill Window, we can see in the image above that the object is located to the upper right of the plan.

  4. Zoom in on that corner to locate the object using either the scroll wheel on your mouse or the Zoom  tool.

  5. Next, use the Select Objects  tool to select it.

  6. Once selected, use either the Delete  edit button or the delete key on your keyboard to remove it.

Alternately, you could use the Edit> Edit Area  tool to drag a marquee around the area where the stray object should be located, and then click on the Delete  edit tool, or the Delete key on your keyboard to remove it.

Once removed, click on the Fill Window option again to ensure that only the items in your plan that you want to have included.

Note that the Terrain Perimeter is included when you create an Overview, so if you terrain is very large, and your house very small in comparison, consider using a normal Camera  instead of an Overview to create your views

If you are having further trouble locating an object out in space, feel free to send the .plan file in to Support using the
Online Support Center for further analysis.