Removing a Cabinet's Backsplash

Reference Number: KB-00989
Last Modified: July 23, 2021

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I do not want a backsplash to display on my base cabinets. How can I get rid of it?


By default in most template plans, when a base cabinet is created, it will have a backsplash applied when it is placed against a wall. If you do not want that backsplash to display, follow the steps outlined in this article to remove the base cabinet's backsplash.

To remove a base cabinet's backsplash

Use the Select Objects  tool to select the cabinet, and click on the Open Object  edit button to display the Base Cabinet Specification dialog.

  • Set the Backsplash Height to 0".

In Home Designer Essentials, go to the
Materials panel, select Backsplash, and click on the Select Material button to display the Select Material dialog.

  • Browse to Materials> Misc> Opening (no material), select it, and click OK.

  1. Click OK to apply this change and exit out of the Base Cabinet Specification dialog.

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