Creating a Glowing Effect from a Fireplace

Reference Number: KB-00976
Last Modified: July 23, 2021

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural


How can I make my fireplace appear to be glowing and casting light around my room?


In this article, we will be adding a light to our fireplace to give off a glowing fireplace effect for our camera views.

To create the Glowing Flame effect

  1. Launch your Home Designer software and Open the plan with your fireplace in it.

  2. Select 3D> Create Camera View> Full Camera then click and drag out a camera view that faces your fireplace.

  3. Next, select 3D> Materials> Adjust Material Definition and click on the flame to display the Define Material dialog.

    If the flame material is behind a glass panel, or other obstacle, select 3D> Delete Surface, then click on the glass panel to temporarily hide it while you modify the fire.

  4. In the Define Material dialog, increase the Emissive value, and click OK.

Now that we have modified our fire material, we are ready to creating lighting for the rest of the room.

To adjust lighting that is near the fireplace

  1. Select Window> Tile Vertically to tile the camera view with your 2D floor plan view.

  2. In the floor plan view, select 3D> Lighting> Add Lights .

  3. Click and drag in front of the fireplace to create a Spot Light facing away from the fireplace

  4. Using the Select Objects tool, select the light source, then click on the Open Object edit button to display the Light Specification dialog.

  5. On the Location panel, specify the Absolute Elevation.

  6. On the Light Data panel:

    • Change the Cut Off Angle to 180° degrees

    • Set the Drop Off Rate to 12.0

    • Now, change the Color to better match the flame

    • Finally, adjust the Intensity to 500 Lumens (40W) and click OK

  7. In your Full Camera view, select 3D> Camera View Options> Final View with Shadows to see the results.