Troubleshooting Hardware Lock Issues

Reference Number: KB-00569
Last Modified: March 12, 2024

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One of the following error messages appears when I try to launch Chief Architect while using USB Hardware Lock security:  

  • "HASP Device Driver Installing the Device drivers failed. Failed to start the Aladdin Device Driver. Failed to start a service in the Service Control Manager Database."
  • "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing."
  • "No Appropriate Hardware Lock Was Found."

How do I resolve this issue?


Due to the increasing difficulty in obtaining support for this older technology from its vendors along with customer requests for a more convenient license security solution, Chief Architect ended support for hardware lock security with the release of version Chief Architect X10/Home Designer 2019. We are unfortunately unable to offer replacements for broken or lost locks.

You may see one of these errors if you try to launch a legacy version of Chief Architect that uses deprecated hardware lock license security. The errors are associated with either incorrect hardware lock drivers installed on the system, or no drivers at all. In order for a hardware lock to work, several requirements must be met:

  • It must be programmed for the version of Chief Architect you are trying to use.
  • It must be programmed for use on the Windows operating system your computer is running. Chief Architect has never supported hardware lock security on macOS.
  • The correct drivers for the lock and operating system must be installed on the system.

With all of that in mind, if the version of Chief Architect is supported on your computer's operating system, and if there are drivers for your lock that are designed for that operating system, you might be able to resolve the issue you're encountering by downloading and installing updated drivers for your hardware lock.

Over the years, Aladdin and SafeNet have changed hands several times and have come to be acquired by a single owner. To locate the correct drivers for your hardware lock and system, we recommend that you visit If you have any questions, Thales Support will be in the best position to assist you.


If you continue to have problems, verify that the lock's light turns on when it's plugged in. If it does not, try using a different USB port. If the light does not turn on regardless of which port is used, the hardware lock may no longer be functioning. Chief Architect is unfortunately unable to provide replacement hardware locks.

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