Adding a Decorative Crown Molding to a Room

Reference Number: KB-00541
Last Modified: March 24, 2016

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional


I want to add a decorative crown molding to my rooms. How can I create this using Home Designer Pro?


Crown molding is not included in all of the template styles by default, however, you can set up your defaults so that when you create a new room, Crown Molding will be automatically placed.

To add crown molding to your defaults

  1. With the plan that you want to modify open, select Edit> Default Settings , select the Floor option and click the Edit button to display the defaults for the current floor, for instance, Floor 1 Defaults.

  2. On the Moldings panel:

    • Click Add New to add a new molding profile.

      Note: In the default template there is only a Base Molding specified for new rooms. You can also apply additional Crown, Chair Rail, and Base Moldings on a room by room basis in the Room Specification dialog if, for example, you wanted to have different moldings in your Living Room than the Kitchen or Bath areas.

    • In the Select Library Object dialog, navigate to an appropriate molding profile, then click OK to return to your Floor 1 Defaults. For this example, we have selected the CA-21 Crown Molding.

  3. In the Molding Specification section, set the Height, Width, and Offset values if necessary.


  4. Verify that the Type is set to Crown Molding, and click OK.

Now any new rooms you create in this plan will have the Crown Molding you have specified.