Changing the Riser Height of Stairs

Reference Number: KB-00430
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

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I have created a set of stairs and everything is perfect, except the riser height. How do I change the riser height for my stairs?


Because the field is not directly accessible, riser height on a plan cannot be directly modified. However, by altering the value in the Treads field of the Staircase Specification dialog box, you can change the riser height.


To change the height of your stairs

  1. Click on the Select Objects  arrow tool, click on the staircase and then click on the Open Object  edit tool to display the Staircase Specification dialog box.

  2. In the General panel you will be able to see the Riser Height in a field on the right side of the dialog box.


    To the left of the Riser Height field you will see a field for Treads.

  3. To enter a new value for Treads, you will need to choose the option to Lock Number of Treads. Once you have this option selected simply erase the previous value in the Treads field and type in a new value. To see how the new value will change the Riser Height, simply press on the Tab key on the keyboard.

  4. To increase the value for the Riser Height, reduce the number of treads.

  5. To decrease the value for the Riser Height, increase the number of treads.

  6. After you have achieved a satisfactory balance for the Treads and the Riser Height, click the OK button.