Removing the Gutter from a Roof

Reference Number: KB-00308
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

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I need to model a roof without a gutter, such as a flat roof or thatched roof style.  How can I stop the gutter from automatically generating on my roof planes?


In Home Designer Pro, you can simply tell the roof to not generate a gutter in your Build Roof dialog, however, removing the gutter from all of the roof planes that automatically generate in your plan is also easy to accomplish in the less advanced Home Designer programs by creating a transparent material and applying it to your gutters.

To apply the material and remove the gutter

  1. Select Build> Roof> Build Roof  to display the Build Roof dialog.

  2. Select the Materials panel, under Default Gutter, click the Molding option.

  3. Click the Select Material button to display the Select Library Object dialog.

  4. Click on the Add New Material  button.

  5. In the Define Material dialog:

    • Name the material Transparent, move the Transparency slider to 100% and click OK.

  6. Click OK in the Select Library Object dialog with the Transparent material selected, then click OK once more in the Build Roof dialog to rebuild the roof with this change

    The gutter will no longer display in your 3D camera views.


Note: In Home Designer Pro, you can specify whether or not a gutter generates using the Build Roof dialog, or even on individual roof planes.