Preventing a Roof from Generating Over a Room

Reference Number: KB-00204
Last Modified: October 27, 2021

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I am modeling an apartment or single room which does not require a roof to be generated, or simply do not want a roof generating over an enclosed room area, such as an outdoor patio. How can I stop the automatic roof generator from puttinga roof over this area?

No roof over a second floor room


In Home Designer, it is easy to create a room that is open to the sky by unchecking the Roof Over This Room setting in the Room Specification dialog.

To prevent a roof from generating over a room

  1. Using the Select Objects tool,click to select the room that you no longer want a roof above.

  2. Click the Open Object edit button to display the Room Specification dialog.

  3. Select the Structure panel, uncheck the Roof Over this Room box, then click OK.

    Turning off Roof Over This Room in the Structure panel of the Room Specification dialog

  4. Repeat this procedure for any remaining rooms in the plan in which you do not want a roof to be generated.

  5. If Auto Rebuild Roofs is not enabled, navigate to Build> Roof> Build Roof from the menu, then click OK to rebuild the roof.

    In Home Designer Pro, make sure that you check Build Roof Planes before clicking OK.