Deleting Framing in Home Designer Pro

Reference Number: KB-00197
Last Modified: June 9, 2022

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional


I would like to delete framing items like my roof framing or wall framing. How can I do this? 


Deleting the framing you have generated is easy to accomplish when using the Delete Objects dialog. 

To delete framing from your plan

  1. In a floor plan view, select Edit> Delete Objects  from the menu

  2. In the Delete Objects dialog:

    Delete Objects dialog

    • Choose your desired Delete Scope option.

      All Floors will delete all framing within the entire plan, while All Rooms On This Floor will delete all framing from all rooms on the active floor level. The Single Room option does not apply to framing.

    • Place checkmarks next to the types of framing you want to delete.

  3. Click Delete to close the dialog and apply your changes.

To turn off the display of framing

  1. While in the view in which you do not want to see the framing displayed, select Tools> Display Options

  2. Scroll down to the "Framing..." layers and uncheck the Disp column or Display checkbox for each layer you don't want displayed.

    Layer Display Options changing the display of some layers

  3. Click OK to apply the change.