Working with Edit Behaviors

Reference Number: KB-00180
Last Modified: July 23, 2021

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Home Designer Professional


When I attempt to edit the length of a wall, both ends resize at the same time. Why would this occur?

Alternatively, I see that there are options available when I navigate to Edit> Edit Behaviors. What do these do and could they be related to this odd behavior that I'm experiencing?


Odd behavior may be occurring if you're no longer using the Default edit behavior. If this is the case and you have behavior indicators turned on in your preferences, you should see one of the following behavior indicators following your mouse cursor:

  • Default - Primary edit behavior that should be selected as your preference in most situations.
  • Alternate - Second primary edit behavior mode which offers secondary behaviors for some tools and commands. 
  • Resize - Allows you to rescale an object. As you drag a corner edit handle of an object, you can get an exactly scaled version of the original.
  • Concentric - Allows you to resize objects so that the distance moved by each edge is the same.
  • Fillet - Allows you to add a fillet, or curve, at any corner of an object.
  •  Connect CAD Segments - Controls whether CAD objects can be snapped together to form polylines.
  • Rotate/Resize About Current Point - Objects can be rotated or resized about either their own centers or the current CAD point.

    For additional information on the edit behaviors listed above, please access your programs Help documentation by navigating to Help> Launch Help.

To change the current edit behavior

Select Edit> Edit Behaviors  from the menu and select the edit behavior you wish to activate.

To toggle the display of behavior indicators

  1. Select Edit> Preferences if you're on a Windows PC or Home Designer> Preferences if you're on a Mac.

  2. On the Behaviors panel of the Preferences dialog, check or uncheck Behavior Indicators the box.

    Check or uncheck the Behavior Indicators box on the Behaviors panel of the Preferences dialog

    Note: You can also switch between edit behaviors in this area of the Preferences dialog as well.