Creating a Manual Bay Window

Reference Number: KB-00136
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

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I know how to use the automatic tools to create a bay, bow, or box window, but I would also like to know how to manually create these.  How can I accomplish this task?


It is possible to manually create a bumpout by creating a small room and adjusting the floor and ceiling heights.

Creating the Bumpout

  1. Using the Straight Exterior Wall  tool, draw three additional walls connected to the structure, at the size you would like the bay window to be.

  2. Once the additional walls are in place, you will be able to add windows by selecting Build> Window> Window  from the menu, and clicking in the wall where you would like to place the window.

     You can open the Window Specification dialog to make changes to the window size, number of lites, materials, and other features as desired.

  3. After you have placed a window in each wall, you will want to make the bay window accessible from the rest of the structure by selecting Build> Door> Doorway  and click to place a doorway in between the main structure and the bay window.

  4. Once placed, select the Doorway and click the Open Object  edit tool to display the Doorway Specification dialog.

  5. On the Casing panel, remove all check marks in the check boxes for Use Interior Casing, Use Exterior Casing and Sill/Threshold, then click OK.

    If you want to leave the casing around the doorway, do not suppress it.

  6. Then, if needed, resize the doorway so that it extends the length of the bay window.

  7. Next, using the Select Objects  tool, select the bay window room area and click on the Open Object  edit tool to display its Specification dialog.

  8. In the Room Specification dialog

    • On the Structure panel, for the purposes of this example, we will raise the Floor (C) height value to 24" and the Finished Ceiling (F) height to 79".

    • On the Moldings panel, we will Delete the default Base Molding.

    • Click OK when you have completed making changes in this dialog.

  9. Finally, select 3D> Create Camera View> Full Camera  and take a camera view of the interior or exterior of the bay window to see the results.

    Now that you understand how to manually create a bay, box, or bow window, you can take this knowledge and apply it to your own designs.