Creating a Circular Room with Walls

Reference Number: KB-00135
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

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I want to create a complete circle with a wall to create a circular room, but every time I try, the entire thing disappears.


While it is not possible to create a closed circle using a single curved wall or railing, a completely circular wall can be modeled using two wall segments rather than one. 

To create a circular wall

  1. Select Build> Wall> Curved Wall  from the menu and select the desired wall or railing type from the Curved Wall submenu.

  2. Click and drag a wall arc segment.

  3. Click on the wall segment to select it and use the triangular Curvature edit handle that displays along the arc to adjust the amount of curvature as needed.

  4. Select Build> Wall> Break Wall  from the menu then click once along the curved wall to place a break at that location.

    • Do not place the wall break at a location where you will be placing a window, door or fireplace; other than that consideration, exact placement of the wall break is not important.

  5. Click on the Select Objects  tool to select it, then click on the curved wall on either side of the wall break that was just placed. Notice that only the side of the wall that you clicked on is selected.

  6. Place your cursor over the end edit handle and drag the handle to extend the curved wall segment until it joins with the end of the other segment.

  7. When you release the mouse button, the two wall segments form a closed circle.