Inserting Multiple Appliances in a Single Cabinet in Home Designer Pro

Reference Number: KB-00063
Last Modified: July 21, 2021

The information in this article applies to:

Home Designer Professional


I want to have a wall oven and a warming drawer in the same full height cabinet. How can I create this?

Kitchen with stacked appliances


Home Designer Pro has the ability to insert multiple appliances into a single cabinet by utilizing the Front panel of the Cabinet Specification dialog.

To modify the size of the cabinet

  1. Use the Select Objects toolto select the cabinet you'd like to insert two appliances into, then click the Open Object edit button.

  2. On the General panel of the Full Height Cabinet Specification dialog that displays, specify the Width, Height, Depth and Floor to Bottom values for the cabinet so that it can accommodate the appliances you'd like to insert.

    Set the Width, Height, and Depth of the full height cabinet

    In this example, we are using a Full Height Cabinet that has a Width of 30", a Height of 90", and a Depth of 24".

To add appliances

  1. On the Front panel of the Full Height Cabinet Specification dialog, click on the top face item in the 3D preview on the right side of the dialog, which is currently a Door - Auto Right face item.

    Select the top face item in the 3D preview

  2. With this face item selected, change the Item Height to your desired value.

    Setting the Item Height of the top face item

    In this example, a value of 14" is specified.

  3. Next, click the Add New button to add additional sections to the cabinet.

    Note: Clicking 'Add New' will insert a new Face Itembelow the currently selected item. If there is no current selection,the new Face Item will be added to the bottom.

  4. In the New Cabinet Face Item dialog, specify the Item Type as Appliance, set an Item Height, then press OK.

    New Cabinet Face Item dialog

    In this example, we have added one new Appliance Face Item with a Height value of 56".

  5. With the new Appliance Face Item created and selected, click on the Specify button next to Appliance/Door/Drawer to open the Select Library Object dialog, and browse the library for a desired appliance to insert.

    Click the Specify button to select an appliance from the library

    In this example, we browsed to Home Designer Core Catalogs> Architectural> Appliances> Wall Ovens and selected the ChefSeries Wall Oven.

  6. Add additional appliances to the cabinet by selecting the Add New button, or change an existing face item to be an Appliance by using the Item Type drop-down.

    In this example, we selected the Door - Auto Right face item at the bottom of the cabinet, changed its Item Type to be an Appliance, and then clicked the Specify button next to Appliance/Door/Drawer to select the ChefSeries Warming Drawer from the library.

  7. Take a Camera  view to see the results.

    Camera view of a cabinet containing multiple appliances