Creating a Dog Kennel

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Last Modified: July 16, 2015

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I would like to model a dog kennel or dog run.  How can I do that?


Creating an enclosed kennel area, or dog run, is easy to accomplish in Home Designer.


To create a chain link enclosure

  1. Select Build> Railing and Deck> Straight Railing , then click and drag out a basic rectangular enclosed area.

  2. Use the Select Objects tool to select the enclosed room created by the railings, and click on the Open Object edit tool to display the Room Specification dialog.

  3. On the General panel, use the drop down menu to change the Room Type to Slab, which will create a concrete floor.

  4. On the Structure panel, uncheck Ceiling Over this Room.


    • Specify an appropriate Ceiling (B) Height. For the purposes of this example, we chose a value of 105".

    • In the Ceiling Finish (J) value box, insert a value of 0".

    • You can also remove the checkmark next to Roof Over this Room if you prefer to not have a roof on the kennel.

  5. Click OK to apply these changes and close the Room Specification dialog.

  6. Next, select Build> Roof> Build Roof to display the Build Roof dialog, set a Pitch of 1/4", and click OK.

    • On the Materials panel, you can change each roof component to your desired material. 

  7. Use the Select Objects tool to select one of the railings, and click on the Open Object edit tool to display the Railing Specification dialog.

  8. On the General panel of the Railing Specification dialog, decrease the Thickness to 2".

  9. On the Rail Style panel, change the Railing Type to Panels.

    • Uncheck the Raise Bottom Rail/Panel option if enabled. 

  10. On the Newels/Balusters panel, click on the Library button next to Panel Type. The Select Library Object dialog comes up, click on the Home Designer Core Catalogs> Architectural> Fences & Railings> Chain Link> Tall Chain Link Fence and click OK.

    • In Home Designer Essentials, the Library button for the panel type is on the Rail Style panel.

  11. Set the Railing Height and Newel Height so that they will meet the roof generated above it.

    • For the purposes of this example, we set the Railing Height to 108" and the Newel Height to 112".

  12. Once you have completed making changes in this dialog, click OK to apply them and close the dialog, then follow the same procedure for the remaining railings.


To place and create a door

  1. Select Build> Door> Hinged Door  and click at the location on the Railing that you want this to be placed.

  2. Use the Select Objects  tool to select the door, and click on the Open Object  edit tool to display the Door Specification dialog.

  3. On the General panel, change the Door Style to Glass using the drop down menu, and set the Door Type to Hinged.

    • Placing a Hinged Door into a railing will automatically convert it to a doorway thus why we must manually make this change. 

    • Set the appropriate Width, Height, and Thickness values for your door. 

    • Set the Panel Frame Width and Bottom to 2".

  4. On the Lites panel, set the Lites Across and Lites Vertical both to 8, and change the Type to Diamond.

  5. Choose the Casing panel and remove the check boxes for both the Interior and Exterior casing.

  6. Next, on the Hardware panel, set the appropriate handle, lock, and hinges, if necessary.

  7. On the Materials panel, set the Door Glass to Opening (no material) which can be located in the Misc category, and set the Door to be the appropriate metal material.

  8. Once you have finished making these changes, click OK to apply them and close the dialog.

  9. Take a Camera  view to see the results. 

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