Restoring a Column in the Components Dialog

Reference Number: KB-00630
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to Home Designer Pro 2014 and prior:

Home Designer Professional


When I attempt to add custom text to my window using the Components dialog, I cannot find the Code column. It appears to have disappeared. How can I get it back?


It is not possible to remove or add new columns to the Components dialog. If one of the columns, such as the Comment column appears to be missing, you can use the following procedure to make it visible again:

To restore a column

  1. Use the Select Objects  arrow tool and click one time on the window to select it. 

  2. Once the window has been selected it will become highlighted, and the Components  edit tool will become available on the edit toolbar. Click one time on the Components tool and the Components dialog will display.

  3. Look for the row that details your window.

    In this case, it should appear under the Windows category, and should be called W1.

  4. After locating the W1 row, scroll to the right and look for a Comments column.

  5. If one of the columns is missing, look at the small, horizontal lines that separate the columns from each other in the top row of the dialog.

  6. If you place your mouse pointer over one of these lines, it will turn into a double-sided horizontal arrow and will enable you to enlarge or reduce the width of each column.

  7. Since it is impossible to add or remove columns from this dialog, the Comments, or other missing column is still here, it has simply been reduced to a small size and is no longer visible.

  8. By selecting the border between each of these columns and adjusting the size, you will eventually select a line that borders the missing column and will be able to enlarge it so that it will again be visible.